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would it be ok to use your yowapeda art for my icon? (with credit ^-^)

Yes that is ok thanks for asking!

I just got my yowapeda lanyard I ordered from you and I just wanted to say thank you sooooo much!!!! It's perfect and I love it!!!!!

Yaaay thank you!! So happy you like it! (*^▽^)*:・゚✧

I’ve updated my storenvy with charms and lanyards! (ノ^ ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧


Lanyards include Yowamushi Pedal, Vocaloids, Howl’s Moving Castle, A Link to the Past, and Dramatical Murder, and are $10 each.

T2 ghibli crossovers from twitter

Hello! I hope you don't mind me asking, but will the landyard that came with the "zaku boys" zine be up for separate purchase someday? It's really cute!

Hi! I’m out at the moment but I should be getting more soon. I’ll have both the zine bundle and lanyard separately up for sale in one to two weeks, thank you!!

stickers I’ll have at san japan!

stickers I’ll have at san japan!

Ah hello! I was looking through your work and I was kinda recognizing stuff and I have to ask- were you at AX? I think I bought a vocaloid scarf from you and I think I talked to you a little and you mentioned you love Kaito and ship Kaito x Len and I was like "OH MY GOSH ME TOO THEYRE MY LIFE". I've been thinking that I really liked your work and I wanted to find your web pages and I thought I never would. ;v;

HI! AHH YEAH IT WAS ME. omg my Kaito x Len obsession is becoming more and more public, I should probably start posting fanart at this point. (;▽;) Thank you for finding my tumblr!! 

hello, omg it's so amazing, I love your art work. I hope you won't mind me asking, do you have a store where I could buy some stickers? (I want to put them on my laptop <3 <3) Like jeez, It's perfect, and makes me so happy that I just wanna squish my face together. (also do you like Kaito, a lot? because I love him.)

HELLO!! Omg thank you so much! >__< Yes you can purchase my stickers here: http://mojgon.storenvy.com

AHH yes I love Kaito. It’s sad because I just really love to make fun of him and think he is lame, but I also think he is super adorable and him being pitifal is his charm point, so he has a special place in my heart ヽ(;▽;)ノ I also really love Kaito x Len and thought I was in the minority, but it is the most popular vocaloid pairing group on Pixiv LOL